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Doug McArthur Lifetime Achievement Award

The Doug McArthur Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who captures the true passion for athletics.  This passion can be demonstrated through participation, promotion and organization.  Athletics brings out the best of us as individuals as well as collectively as a team.  It challenges us both physically and mentally.  It brings out our best in moments when our best is required.  This competitive spirit shows itself in a variety of ways over the course of a lifetime.  It is not about winning but about competing.  It is about sustainability and perseverance.  It is about bringing out the best in yourself and others, through ability, effort and attitude.  When one does that, it leaves a legacy, a road map of courage, for others to follow.   This award recognizes all of the below and the Tacoma Athletic Commission is proud to honor Ken Still and Stan Naccarato as the 2015 recipients of the Doug McArthur Lifetime Achievement Award.

Doug McArthur Lifetime Achievement Award
Past Recipients:

2016 Dick Hannula
2015 Ken Still & Stan Naccarato
2014 Bob Robertson
2013 Joe Stortini
2012 Ruggles Larson



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