Greetings fellow TAC members and guests and welcome to the newsletter of the second month of the TAC year!
The fall high school sports are in full swing and Willie Stewart and the AOY committee are working hard to put together the recognition program for the accomplishments of the boy and girl student athletes in the fall sports. Thank you, Willie.
I hope everyone that wanted to participate in the Apple Cup “Game Pool” had a chance to be included in the 100 squares.  Doug McArthur is doing his great job (as always) of organizing the game pools, so if you did not get in this one look for one of the game pools coming in future months.  Thank you, Doug.
The October membership meeting had Joey Waters, former Tacoma Stars soccer player and soccer coach for many years at Bellarmine Prep, providing a wonderful program about his early years growing up in Ireland and how he arrived in Tacoma.  Please join us for the November 11 Veteran’s Day membership meeting when we honor those who have served our country in uniform and our speaker for the meeting will be Bob Christofferson (AKA the SodFather), retired head groundskeeper for the Seattle Mariners.  Jim Whitacre and the Program Committee are working hard to present great monthly sports programs.  Thank you, Jim.
Please consider asking your friends and colleagues that enjoy sports and supporting sports activities in the local high schools and colleges to join the TAC.  Also, please consider joining one of the TAC committees to help in the efforts of the group.
Thank you for being involved in the activities of the TAC.