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Why a TAC Membership Should Appeal To You?
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I was a 14-year-old sophomore at Lincoln High School when the Tacoma (War) Athletic Commission was formed at the dawn of 1943. Mayor Harry P. Cain, legendary Coach John Heinrick, Sportswriter Elliott Metcalf, and Sportscaster Jerry Geehan were prominent among the Founders. I can assure you..... that was 72 years ago.

One of my "heroes" was Clay Huntington, fresh out of Lincoln and on his way to writing sports for the Tacoma Times and broadcasting baseball for the Tacoma Tigers. He also was one of those founders, youthful as he was then. If only I could be like Clay someday, I thought!

My reason for writing this is to acquaint you with what happened then, and to ask you to support the TAC by becoming a member of its 72nd Anniversary Class. No Tacoma-Pierce County civic organization in history has done as much for youth and sports, and we need the help of every sports-minded citizen and business in our various local communities to address the need for sports opportunities for the youth of today.

We recently saluted Clay and what he did in his lifelong dedication to local sports and the youngsters who have benefited from TAC efforts on their behalf.

Meantime, won't you help us help them (boys and girls competing in sports all over Pierce County)?

A membership in the TAC will speak volumes about your concern for better facilities and equipment, more opportunities to compete, financial assistance for team travel, recognition and scholarships for deserving student-athletes and much more. That's how the TAC assists our schools, boys and girls clubs, parks and recreation departments, and club sport teams --- all in need of additional finances to improve and grow for kid's sake. (Nearly $5-million donated to date).

With you aboard the TAC will begin another 72-year journey of support and assistance for the young people in our county who stay fit and enjoy competition in the spirit of sportsmanship formulated by Clay and his mentors in 1943.

More than 225 members of the TAC thank you for associating with them in this meaningful campaign to provide "fitness and fun" for every youngster we can reach from Elbe to Allyn.


Doug McArthur
Membership Chairman, TAC

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