It has been quite a year for Quinn Wolcott.
In 2013 Quinn was the first umpire from Pierce County to ever make it to the major leagues and 2023 marks two more firsts for him.  In July he worked his first Major League All-Star game in Seattle and to top off the year he is a member of the 2023 World Series crew.  Two crowning achievements for the 2005 Emerald Ridge High School graduate. 
You can catch Quinn Wolcott in action during the games.  All games will be on Fox Network at 5:03pm and his schedule is as follows:
Game 1.  Fri, Oct. 27               Backup plate umpire so he'll stay in the locker room.            
Game 2.  Sat, Oct. 28              Plate                           
Game 3.  Mon, Oct. 30            Right field.
Game 4.  Tue., Oct. 31            Left field                                              
Game 5. Wed, Nov. 1              3rd base.                    
Game 6. Fri., Nov. 3                2nd base.                   
Game 7. Sat., Nov. 4               1st base
Congratulations Quinn!