Happy New Year TAC Members and Guests:
This is a challenging time with COVID variants ramping up and many other issues facing our neighborhoods and communities.  The TAC is a positive bright light supporting high school and college sports activities and bringing sports enthusiasts together in Pierce County.
The winter sports season is in full swing with most games on schedule. It would be a great outlet to attend one or more of these games to be a part of the excitement of the competition.
The Executive Committee is working hard to organize the coming events as we start into the second half of our TAC year (we parallel the high school calendar from September through June for our activities).
We welcome your involvement with the TAC and the sports community as a member of the TAC with many volunteer opportunities.  Our goal is to have “many members just doing a little bit”.  If you have not renewed your membership, please consider contributing your dues as well as connecting to one of the approximately ten committees.  Also, please attend a second Thursday noon lunch meeting and the alternating month third Thursday evening meeting.  We would love to see you. 
If you have any thoughts or suggestions for the TAC we would appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you for your participation at any level and we look forward to connecting soon.
Happy New Year!
TAC President