The Doug McArthur Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who captures the true passion for athletics through participation, promotion and organization and it is appropriate that this award honor the legacy of Doug. A Lincoln High and College of Puget Sound graduate, Doug became the sports director for KTAC radio in 1956 when sportscasting, public relations, administration, and promotion became the essence of his career.
He was Superintendent of Public Recreation and Supervisor of Athletics for the Tacoma Public Schools and the Metropolitan Park District in the early 1960s. Between 1966 and 1978 he was Director of Athletics at the University of Puget Sound, an endeavor that led to his induction into the Logger Athletic Hall of Fame.
As coach of the 1956 Stanley’s Shoeman baseball team, he lead the team to the AABC National Championship in 1956 and in 1976 the UPS Loggers won the NCAA Division II basketball crown during his tenure at Athletic Director—two proud moments indeed. With his marketing company, MAC Northwest, Doug led the successful Tacoma Dome bond issue’s public relations campaign which resulted in a 70% affirmative vote. Just another one of many feathers in his cap.
The emphasis of the Lifetime Achievement Award is that athletics brings out the best of us as individuals as well as collectively as a team.  It challenges us both physically and mentally.  It brings out our best in moments when our best is required.  This competitive spirit shows itself in a variety of ways over the course of a lifetime.  It is not about winning but about competing.  It is about sustainability and perseverance.  It is about bringing out the best in yourself and others, through ability, effort and attitude.  When one does that, it leaves a legacy, a road map of courage, for others to follow.