One of the goals of our Executive Committee is to return TAC’s membership level to 200 members (pre-pandemic). Everyone’s help is needed. First, we encourage every current TAC member to recruit at least one new member by our December 2022 lunch meeting.
Contest period: June 9, 2022 to December 8, 2022.
Any current member who adds 5 new members will earn 10 TAC lunch passes, redeemable at future monthly lunch meetings.
Any current member who adds 10 new members will earn their membership dues paid for a year, plus 10 TAC lunch passes.
The current member with the highest number of new members added (10 or more), will receive a TAC ATTAWAY Award and a special prize to be announced at the September 2022 lunch meeting.
Note: To qualify as a “new” member for this contest, the individual… a) Has never been a TAC member b) Was a prior TAC member, but has not been active for the past two years.
New members may sign-up online on our Become a Member page.  There is a field for them to indicate who invited them to join, make sure to remind them to enter your name.  New members may also fill out a hard copy form and mail the form along with a check to the TAC.  The form can be downloaded here.
Good luck!